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Our Mission

It is the policy of the Sunny Slope Water Company to provide the finest quality water at the lowest possible rate and to maintain its facilities commensurate with the income derived from the sale of water. Because of changing economic conditions, the age of the system, and the availability of water, it has become necessary for the Board of Directors to make some changes to the cost of delivering water to the user. Therefore, the following additional policy was adopted by the Board of Directors on September 10, 1972:

  1. All Costs associated with the investment required to deliver water to each Shareholder will be recovered through a monthly charge that is proportional to the size of the meter installed to serve the user. 
  2. Capital costs of improving and expanding the system in accordance with the Master Plan will be allocated, when required, by assessment against each share of stock outstanding. 
  3. The cost of water to the user will be a monthly charge proportional to the quantity used, the number of the shares of stock held, and the current rate structure.